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How to Start this Website

This Open Off-Campus website will allow you to create an off-campus housing website at your college or university. You can start this website for free by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. You will be asked to enter some information about your school, and then you will be able to modify the appearance of this site by uploading a logo and/or editing a CSS stylesheet. You can even give this website a new name, or host it on a different domain.

How to Profit from this Website

When you register for an Open Off-Campus site, homeowners can put their house on your site for a small monthly fee. As the site owner, you are guaranteed to receive at least 50% of the monthly income that is generated by your site. And depending on your success, you may earn up to 70%. To earn this money you will need to market and promote this site to the students at your school through email campaigns, newspapers/student publications, facebook advertisements or by posting flyers around campus. You'll also want to call landlords and homeowners in your area, to put their houses online. In order to have a successful site, it's important that this is the #1 site that students at your school visit when making the decision to live off-campus.

Eligibility and Pricing

Anyone is eligible to start an Open Off-Campus website. If you are an individual entrepreneur interested in starting a site, you will start out being payed 50% of the monthly profits generated by your website. If your marketing efforts are successful, you will receive incremental raises until you reach the 70% limit. If you are officially affiliated with a college or university, then your school automatically qualifies for the 70% profit margin rate. If you have any questions about installing this software at your school, please contact Joey Rich by emailing joeyfrich@gmail.com or by calling (260) 901-1490.

Registration Form

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